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Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth Work


I'm Megan Gallardo.

I have been on the path of personal-growth and wellness for 8 years now. Along my own path of healing, I've found and dove into the practices of women’s work, yoga, meditation, somatic breath work, sound therapy, energy healing & spiritual growth work.

I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher of 5 years and a practicing Reiki Master since 2016.

If I could choose one word to sum up all of the ways in which I serve, it would be "empowering." I guide other's to reconnect to themselves, on all levels of body.

My Personal Offerings



Image by Annie Spratt

“Megan has such a beautiful energy, light, and way of reminding you of your own inner light and power. During her classes, we used a variety of powerful healing techniques including sound healing, pranayama, mantras, mudras, reiki, and vinyasa yoga practice. It’s refreshing that she truly does care about her students and always offers ways to find your own inner voice through the practices. I would highly recommend taking one of her classes or workshops.”


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Image by Annie Spratt
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