Yoga Schedule (in person)

Classes are held at Yoga Omazing in Hillsboro, OR.

*note: all classes are also available via live stream*

About Megan Gallardo

I began my journey of wellness in 2011 upon entering a Licensed Vocational Nursing program and graduated in 2013. Through that journey, I learned that my highest states of joy and excitment were expressed in heart-centered service to others. As my own path of healing unfolded, I found and dove into the practices of Wombyn’s Work, Yoga, Sound Therapy, Wholistic Healing & Mentorship.

I fully believe in a world where we get to CHOOSE Life and what that looks like for us. I guide other’s home to themselves, in connection to their bodies and heart. From this space, we unlock our GIFTS, our MAGIC and learn how to authentically live and Embodied life.