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A 4-month journey for the woman
who is ready to illuminate her Life from the inside, out.

The one who is willing to bring awareness to and reclaim all of the parts that have been cast from the Light,
both in body, heart & mind.

Guided by Megan Gallardo

Welcome, Goddess

Thank you for arriving here, answering the calling to uncover deeper levels of your Majesty.
This journey was created to reignite your passion and inspiration for a FULL, vibrant and empowered Life;
To reawaken you to your Divine gifts and learn to utilize that creative energy in the Highest regard, in sacred service;
To navigate the mental, emotional, and energetic body to a state of liberated FREEDOM; In the driver seat of your Life.
To come home to your Heart and know your True Worth.

This is Luminous.

The Sacred Pillars of

Embracing our inner child:

The part of ourselves that will always live through us. I will be guiding you to explore the many layers of this relationship that you have with yourself, calling this inner child back home to your heart. We will explore through meditation, hypnosis, breath work, and reflective writing prompts. An integrated and healed inner child allows for deeper intimacy with Life.


Breath work:

The animating force of Life. We will dive deep into the practice of pranayama as a tool that

can be utilized to expand personal awareness, regulate the nervous system,

& transmute stagnant energy in the body.

Reframing our thoughts:

Conscious reprogramming is essential to moving from the mindset of

"Life is happening to me," to "Life is happening for me." As we provide an expanded view upon contracted thoughts, we allow space to liberate ourselves from shackles of the mind.

Energy work:

All is energy and when we learn to tap into the subtle body, we deepen our connection

to ourselves from the inside, out. This pillar works with learning how to tune into, nurture

and trust our intuition.

Energy systems:

We will focus on the main 12 chakras in the body. We will learn all of the qualities of these energy centers and what they govern in the body-mind-soul connection.


Tapping into a hypnotic state, or a theta brain wave state, allows access to the subconscious mind,

where we tend to hold onto stories/memories/judgements of the past that may be influencing the conscious awareness.  Here in this state, through guided meditation, you will come to better understand the root of where fears/limiting beliefs have come from to be cleared & released.


Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience the world. When we move with intention to heal or release, the medicine can be profound. We will explore many different forms of movement to bring a voice to the emotions hidden within the body.


We all carry a unique fingertip that is our voice. Our greatest sound healing instrument is our own voice. In this pillar we will moving through all of the places where your voice has

been silenced and create space to let those parts of you be heard.

Womb Wisdom:

The sacred portal of creation in our bodies, where the formless manifests into form.

This pillar will be juicy, raw and deeply focused on learning to hear the whispers of

your womb. We will explore different practices such as yoni steaming + yoni egg exercies, & more.

Image by Di Maitland

What our journey will consist of

1:1 facilitation

My heart and soul are fully dedicated to this work and she who is ready and willing to deep dive and expand.

I innerstand the uniqueness that each of us are. With this 1:1 opportunity, I will be able to best serve and meet your personal needs/desires/goals in a safe, confidential and intimate container.

12 live calls

Each week we will have live calls for 90-120 minutes. This will include our weekly rituals/guided practices + Q & A. The last week of each month, 4 total, will be for integration.

(if you're in a different timezone, we can figure out the best possible time to talk)


I will be guiding you through various types of movement practices (yoga, shaking, tantric arts, dance) to deeper connect you to your body; vocal exercises (toning, somatic sounding, to liberate your unique expression that is your voice; pranayama (breath work) sessions to regulate your nervous system, clear stagnation & activate the energetic body.


Throughout our 16 weeks together, I will be guiding you through
1 distance Reiki session, 1 quantum hypnosis session and 1 holotropic breath work session.

These sessions will be highly powerful in clearing your field and creating space anew!


ritual + daily practices

You will be coming into daily relationship with ritual and devotional practice. There is power to prioritizing our total well-being each and every day through meditation, self-reflection and creative writing. Small daily habits can become natural happenings when we work those muscles.


There is power in doing and there is equal power in rest. We will have 4 total weeks, at the end of each month, of integration, to allow full digestion and processing time for all of the work we will be exploring through the 12 live calls. Within those weeks, we will still be in contact with each other via voice messaging + have small actionables such as journaling and meditation

bonus content

I will be sending pre-recorded guided audio meditations that correspond to each of our pillars. You will have lifetime access to these recordings!


I will be sending you 1 jade crystal yoni egg + 1 bag of my hand-crafted yoni steam herbs for our womb wisdom pillar. I will be teaching you about the power of incorporating a yoni egg + yoni steaming into your personal practice.


I have been immersed in this work of self-development and self-empowerment for 8 years. My own inner work has led me to a place of passion for guiding women back home to themselves. It is your birthright to reclaim ALL of you in body, mind and soul.

I am only accepting 8 women for this 16-week journey. I would be honored to support you along the way.


can serve you if...


you are in a space of readiness to expand into an empowered version of yourself

you are seeking to lovingly reconnect to your physical body, your mind and your soul

you are ready to create new habits of intentional and devotional Life practices

you are ready to meet yourself with honesty and compassion to move beyond limiting beliefs

you are desiring to uncover your Gifts and unique expression in the world & how to integrate them into your life

you are open to exploring various movement practices & healing modalities

Image by Amelia Brown

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